Information about Geographical Information System (GIS) based Road Information System (RIS) for PWP & IWTD Road Network

GIS is a map and database solution for representing the features on Earth. The Road Information System (RIS) which is based on GIS has been developed for collecting data of road network of the department viz., National Highways (NH), State Highways (SH) and Major District Roads (MDR), Sub-divisionwise and km-wise. Parameters captured in the RIS are as follows:

  1. Map of roads (NH, SH, MDR, Village Road (VR) and Other District Roads(ODR) )
  2. Road Name and Number, starting and ending chainage, sub-division wise length of road for department roads.
  3. Carriageway width and the surface type along the length of road
  4. Shoulder width and surface type along the length of road
  5. Side drainage and its type along the road
  6. Cross Drainage (CD) structures- Culverts, Bridges, their location, name of stream/ nala/ river, road chainage, vents – size, numbers and type, Linear Water Way, width of carriageway & footpath, overall width, type of sub-structure, type of superstructure, condition of the CD, date of inspection etc.
  7. Expenditure on improvement of road stretches and CDs under various Heads of Account yearwise.
  8. Expenditure on maintenance of roads and bridges yearwise.
  9. Railway crossing - location and type.
  10. CBR values of the subgrade soil of the roads.
  11. Pavement Roughness (IRI - m/km) measured by Vehicle Mounted Bump Integrator using ROMDAS system km-wise. (for selected roads).
  12. Pavement Condition data such as cracking, potholes, rutting, raveling, edge-break and drainage (data available yearwise for selected roads)
  13. Traffic details collected from Traffic Survey done at Traffic Count Posts
  14. Villages - location and population as per Census of India 2001
  15. Constituency-wise (Parliament as well as Assembly) boundaries
  16. District, taluk and forest boundaries
  17. Location of APMC centres, Tourist spots, Industrial growth centers, Wild life sanctuaries, National parks, Airports and Ports.
  18. Classification of taluks as per Dr.Nanjundappa committee report
  • Map of roads (NH, SH, MDR, Village Road (VR) and Other District Roads(ODR) )
  • RIS has many tools to display specific query results like type of roads - by suface type, classification, pavement condition, traffic density, carriageway width etc., and roads by finance schemes and such many decision making tools
  • RIS was initiated in the year 2000 and the initial data capturing, map preparation and database design was completed during 2001. Thereafter during 2003 it was extended to include the details about pavement condition obtained from Annual Road Condition Survey as mandated by the World Bank. During 2006 it was spread to all Circle offices of the Department and during 2007 it has been spread to all Division offices. Training on its usage has been provided to select engineers from Circle offices and Zonal offices during February-May 2006 and select engineers working in Division and Sub-Division offices during May-November 2007.
  • Using RIS, Strategic Options Study - II was done to prioritise the road network for taking up improvement of roads under KSHIP-II.
  • Entire road network can be analysed for various parameters using the RIS while considering large projects.
  • RIS can also be used to prioritise the works to be taken up for maintenance by analyzing the network for the surface distress condition
  • It also helps in extracting useful data by querying the database and mapping it automatically.
  • World Bank has appreciated this decision making tool and many officers from different states as well as NHAI have viewed and appreciated this software.

Development of GIS based RIS

a) Softwares used for development

Bentley’s Microstation J Geographics
CAD/GIS Engine
Visual Basic & Microstation Development Language (MDL) Development Tools
Oracle Database

b) Sample outputs taken from RIS






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